I AM BACK!! 30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 5 – Game Character You Feel You Are Most Like (or Wish You Were).

Sorry for the 2 well 3 months of no updates. It has been pretty busy with work, life, and did I mention work?

One of the things I wanted to do this year is get in front of the camera and do comic book, movie, and video game reviews. I thought I would do video games first since that would force me to actually beat the games. So last week I started playing Castlevania Bloodlines for the Sega Genesis…except I don’t have it for the Genesis because that cart is crazy expensive well not too expensive…I mean it runs from 60.00 – 400.00 and that is anywhere from complete to sealed. So I have been playing it on the Genesis emulator, Fusion 3.64; which is an interesting emulator because the developer made it basically an all in one emulator for all of Sega’s consoles minus the Dreamcast.

So I have been playing a level a day and recording each level using the OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) and just using it’s record functionality rather than it’s streaming function. OBS is a pretty powerful piece of freeware when you have the time to set everything up.

But the idea is to complete a level and upload that level to the YouTube page with it’s own dedicated playlist. The game has 6 levels but with two different playable characters and the ending from what I understand is the same for both characters.CastlePL

But once you have beaten the game you unlock a more challenging difficulty that has a different ending. So yeah have two different playlist for both playable characters and then I guess do either another playlist for the true ending or just put the video in one of my many other gaming playlist.

After that is completed, I want to do a write up or a script and then record it as a blog or something. I am pretty shy in front of the camera but I am sure that once I do enough of these I will be pretty confident.

Speaking of games, what the hell man?! Companies have be releasing one blockbuster title after another. I still haven’t completed Final Fantasy XV, World of Final Fantasy, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Horizon Zero Dawn, and a few others! Mass Effect comes out in about a week, and Persona 5 comes out early April…Injustice 2 in May…Tekken in July…I don’t think anything MAJOR is coming out in July except for Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age remaster.

I am also behind on my comics…which I am seriously thinking about making the crappy decision of cancelling my pull list at my local comic store Kingdom Comics. It is an awesome place and the owner is awesome as well as the employees (they might all own it, but I see Stan doing most of the promoting so I assume it is just him). But I find that the older I get I don’t like physical collections. I spent probably $100.00 in the last month on Comixology buying books that I normally buy digitally or rebuying digital versions of collections so that I won’t have a huge physical collection of the 90’s X-Men  (which I have unfortunately started recollecting last year).


But yeah I have a stack of Comics dating that are little over a month old that I haven’t read yet and that is possibly DC Comics fault for shipping too many books in one month. I mean I don’t mind the once a month shipping of Batman…but no, Batman is released twice a month as well as Detective Comics. SIGH…

Any who enough with the updates onto the title of the blog….

30 DAYS VIDEO GAME CHALLENGE – DAY 5 – Game character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)

This is a tough one because I enjoy playing the roles of different characters, but let’s be real..Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series, is a psychopath if you think about it. I mean he’s killed thousands of dudes. Cecil from Final Fantasy IV is well depressing. There are several characters that I like but none of which is relatable…So unfortunately I am going to have to pass on this one.



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