30 DAYS VIDEO GAME CHALLENGE – DAY 4 – Your Guilty Pleasure Game

30 DAYS VIDEO GAME CHALLENGE – DAY 4 – Your Guilty Pleasure Game


This was pretty easy for me. TETRIS! I have pretty much owned this game on every available platform since I was introduced to this game when I got an NES for christmas back in 1988 and that was one of the games that “Santa” got me.

The funny thing about this game is that I honestly didn’t understand how to play it when I first got it. I rarely read instruction manuals of the games I got and tried to figure it out on my own. So I thought originally that you were suppose to make structures out of the bricks. I want to say it took a few weeks before I realized what you were suppose to clear the board. Once I saw this my mind was blown.

So naturally I would start on the lowest speed and work my way to Speed 10. It took a bit but once I figured out how to plan my moves ahead I got pretty good at it. My brother at the time didn’t like it because it was “boring.” I want to say if it wasn’t for this I wouldn’t enjoy Bejeweled, Lumines, Zuma, Bubble Shooter, and several other titles.

Like I said above though I have bought Tetris on all platforms once it is made available and I am also pretty lucky that my wife gets pretty competitive when playing Tetris multiplayer.


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