30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 3 – A Game That Is Underrated

30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 3: A Game That Is Underrated

There are several games that come to mind when I think of this, but the Torchlight series is definitely my pick. The series was developed by Runic Games, and most of the devs came from Blizzard and worked on the iconic Diablo series. The games are basically an action RPG with real time combat and has fantastic armor and weapon design. It is also a loot grind game, so you are constantly trying to get the best loot/gear from mobs and boss monsters.


The first Torchlight was basically a throwback to the original Diablo, where you had one town and your goal was to reach the bottom of a cave that was causing  problems for the town folks.

The second game basically gave a big middle finger to Blizzard by making the game offline, versus’s Blizzard’s Diablo III where you have to be online in order to play…the excuse was because of the auction house, but the auction house has been removed for 3yrs now and you still have to be online to play the game.

Also I feel that the second game is so much bigger then the first, I never finished it. Anyways, you can find this game on Steam or GOG for dirt cheap and I highly recommend it.


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