30 Days Video Game Challenge – Day2 – Your Favorite Character

30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 2: Your Favorite Character

samus-aran-super-metroid-art-from-1994This was actually really hard for me to choose from. I mean I like a lot of characters. I think Samus Aran is my favorite mainly due to even though she has been around since 1986, she has only been in 22 video games and 11 of them were Metroid games. Granted the last Metroid game I played was Metroid Prime, I couldn’t get really into it for several reasons. But every time a game got announced I did get excited and I was hoping they would go back to basics, but Nintendo seems to have no plans on doing that unfortunately.

It’s funny though, a lot of people see Lara Croft as the go to for a strong female video game character, which is fine; But I always saw Samus as the proper choice. I mean she was based off of Ripley from Alien/Aliens. And if you want a tough a leading lady that is who my  go to has always been.

When I was in the high school back in 1994 I had a page in a sketchbook I carried around that had all type of possible Power Suit designs for Samus Aran. I should probably post some of that artwork on my Instagram page.

Also fun fact Super Metroid is one of my top 10 favorite video games.



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